Thursday, 10 January 2013

Jalan-jalan di Dubai

Pic snapped from the moving car along Sheikh Zayed road in Dubai

During Eid holidays in last October, we decided to drive to and spend a few days in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Eventhough I have been to Dubai on business trips for few times before, but those were incomparable with family holiday trip, our first travel to Dubai and Abu Dhabi via road;) Thanx to Mr. Garmin ;p

Here are some tips for those who plan to go to Dubai.
  • Oct to Apr would be nice to plan for a trip to UAE as the temperature is cooler during that period. Winter season in UAE would be as nice as summer in UK/ Europe during day time and it drops  few degrees at night. During summer, especially from Jun to Aug, the weather can be extremely hot. 
  • Hotel booking would be cheaper through online than the walk-in rates. 
  • Just browse through some basic info about Dubai's law/ culture i.e. do's and don'ts and knowing Emirates. 
  • In certain areas in Dubai, parking spaces are limited especially in Naif area. (for those who'd like to shop for abayas) Better take the public transport either taxi or MRT rather than driving there.. this is based on our own experience;p
  • The malls are normally crowded at night. If you can't stand the crowd, it would be less hassle to go there during day time. However, watching dancing fountain from the Dubai mall is a must and the shows are at night!
  • There are quite a number of tour packages, attractive places and interesting things to explore. You can always ask the hotel's assistant for the brochure / recommendations. One of those, I can say, Safari Desert tour is worth it!
Those are few tips that I can think of now. Well, below are some of our pics in Dubai...

~Safari Desert~

Stayed in one-bedroom hotel & apartment in Deira

Jumeirah Beach park

Burj Arab from the beach

Big aquarium in Dubai mall

Awesome dancing fountain in front of Burj Khalifa

~Burj Khalifa & Dubai mall~

~jjcm @ the Mall of Emirates~

 Nice beriyani rice lunch set @ Visitors, a small restaurant in Naif.


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